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A Playstation in every car. Sony and Honda sign an agreement to conquer young people

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Honda and Sonytwo gods world famous brandsrecently got a jblissful enterprise develop new technologies that can be applied to cars that will be produced in the future. So it will not only be a matter of accessing Sony’s very rich “library” related to music and movies, but it could also be an opportunity to avoid the competitionat least from the point of viewinfotainment on boardthanks to PlayStation5.

Infotainment increasingly important

In an interview given to Financial timesIzumi Kawanishi, president of Sony Honda Mobility, said the new company is “perfectly positioned to take advantage of changing consumer preferences and theinvasion of high-tech gadgets in the automotive industry». The importance of infotainment systemsespecially in new generation electric cars, is now recognized by all major manufacturers and the agreement with Sonyagain according to Kawanishi, Honda will allow access to content, services and technologies that they will become one key strengths to oppose Tesla.

The secret will be the Plystation

Over there Play station, undisputed leader in the field of video game consoles, could therefore be the “killer application” that can make Honda cars attractive to the new generations. In fact, it is technically perfectly possible to integrate it, as the former head of Sony’s AI robotics division stated, but it would not be a simple addition to previously designed cars, but a new production paradigm where content comes first. This means that instead of putting software into a finished car, Honda and Sony are putting the cars as hardware for entertainment and over the air services.

Playing yes, but with autonomous driving

So we can imagine in the future of Play to one of the most popular driving simulators, Gran Turismocomfortable sitting on the seats of a Honda caralso because Kawanishi is stepping on the accelerator, also from a technological point of view driving assistance: «To enjoy the space in the car, you have to make it a space where you don’t have to drive. The solution is autonomous driving. THE however times will be long, he admits, because for this to happen, there will have to be a significant evolution from the current level. The project is even ambitious, especially in light of the recent failures and setbacks of many houses with regard to the technologies for autonomous drivingthan Sony Honda Mobility, which plans to launch its own first vehicle in the US in 2025may have to wait a while for its customers to allow it move from car to car during a soccer tournament as they commute from home to work.

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