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Xiaomi: MIUI 14 comes with some welcome new features and a huge number of devices to update

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Xiaomi’s new interface will be presented on December 1st next year, along with the top Xiaomi 13 series.

According to the brand itself, the new interface will be an ultra-pure system that maximizes memory and offers a more stable experience. MIUI 14 will also reach a huge number of Xiaomi devices.

MIUI 14 arrives and offers a more fluid and stable browsing experience

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Logo Credit@Xiaomi/Weibo

December 1st will be an important date for all Xiaomi users. It is on this day that the Chinese brand will unveil several new features, among them the new MIUI 14 interface.

To promote the event, Xiaomi lifts the veil a little with very welcome news MIUI14???????? According to the Chinese brand, the new interface will be an “ultra-pure system with minimal firmware.” maximize memory and what do you have I have some applications installed Manufacturing of.

But Jin Fan, who is in charge of developing the new interface, has already publicly stated that MIUI will have four major updates. To know:

In short, MIUI 14 offers a more fluid and efficient user experience. As for the factory-installed applications, rumors suggest that Xiaomi could reduce them to just eight. Calls, watches, text messages, app stores, and more.

Meanwhile, the brand has also released a new interface logo that you can see in the image above.

When will the update to MIUI 14 arrive and for which devices?

The new interface was announced on December 1st and is already installed on the new Xiaomi 13 series smartphones, but will remain in beta until the end of December 2022.

of January 2023, the Chinese brand will start offering a more stable version of the new interface. Given Xiaomi’s huge portfolio, which includes Redmi and POCO sub-brands, many Target device for this big update????????

Here is a list where you can see if your Xiaomi smartphone is one of the lucky winners.




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