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OnePlus Pad: the mythical Android tablet already has an announcement date

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It has long been rumored that OnePlus will enter the Android tablet market under its own name. Dubbed the OnePlus Pad, this marks the launch of the Chinese brand in another popular segment of the tech market.

With the brand’s first international event approaching in 2023, find out which products will be featured on the occasion. And one of them is the long-awaited OnePlus Pad.

OnePlus Pad will be announced on February 7th

A new mention of the product appears on the page dedicated to OnePlus 11 in OnePlus’ India branch. There’s a section dedicated to the new Android tablets, with more details coming soon.

At this time the page only has the message “Boxes come in different shapes and sizes”. Next to it is an image of a tablet representing the product OnePlus is preparing to present.

So far, not many details are known about the features of the Chinese brand’s first Android tablet. The illustrations on this page from OnePlus show that the OnePlus Pad arrives with a uniform border.

This Android tablet has already been talked about several times with official certifications collected from competent authorities. In fact, it looks like everything is ready for the final product launch on February 7th.

What to expect from OnePlus’ next event

The star of the event is clearly the OnePlus 11. The brand’s flagship Android smartphone of the year is finally unveiled for the global market on that occasion.

Today we learned that the brand will also unveil the OnePlus 11R at that event.

Additionally, the Chinese company will take the opportunity to unveil the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro TV and the first mechanical keyboard. So there’s good reason to pay attention to the news the brand brings us early next month.

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