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Google releases first version of Bard to replace ChatGPT

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Google today announced the launch of its new generative artificial intelligence tool, Bard. As we informed you earlier, this is a tool with the same principles and purposes as the increasingly popular ChatGPT.

After officially launching in early February, the search giant is now rolling out Bard to the general public. Unfortunately, this new tool is limited to the US and UK markets, so it’s not yet available to everyone.

Residents of these markets interested in trying out the bard can now join a waiting list created for this purpose. A strategy similar to the one adopted by Microsoft in the new version of Bing has been improved with OpenAI technology.

Google Bard becomes a companion to Search

Google has made it clear in its blog that Bard will not replace popular search. Instead, new AI tools will complement search engines to make users more productive.

Bard is a tool powered by LLM technology aimed at generating responses to specific user needs. That means answering questions, creating ideas and drafts, simplifying complex topics, and so on.

Like many of its competitors, Google cautions that Bard isn’t 100% correct. There is room for error and users should always check the information provided by this AI tool.

Recognizing this reality, Google has implemented several safeguards to mitigate potential errors. One of them is the ability to view multiple versions of the answer to the same question with just a click.

A testament to Bard’s research complementarity is the presence of a “Google it” button in every answer provided. This redirects users to the company’s search engine, allowing them to dig deeper into the topic and find out what sources were used.

This early stage of Bard’s testing helps Google gather feedback from users. This feedback is important for the company to improve new AI tools and add new features.

As already mentioned, Bard will only be available in the US and UK in the early stages. Google will soon roll out the new AI to more markets and languages.

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