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Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+ has unique attributes on the market

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After unveiling the new FreeBuds 5 with an original waterdrop design, Huawei revealed another novelty with similarly original headphones.

The new FreeBuds Pro 2+ are the first products on the market to integrate temperature measurement and heart rate monitoring.

Huwei FreeBuds Pro 2+ measures temperature and monitors heart rate

Credit @Huawei

Huawei is betting on innovation to take the “more sun” position in the consumer electronics market. After unveiling his FreeBuds 5, which feature an original design in the shape of a water drop, it’s time to reveal yet another surprise.

The new FreeBuds Pro 2+ headphones are also a breakthrough in this area, being the first to feature temperature measurement and heart rate monitoring.

Images of the FreeBuds Pro 2+ headset
Credit @Huawei

According to the brand, the integration of new sensors for these features added only 0.2 grams, so it didn’t significantly increase the weight of each headset.Each earbud in this model weighs 6.3 Gram.

The Chinese brand also explained that for heart rate monitoring, it integrates dual infrared and green sensors to provide more accurate data than the optical sensors typically integrated into wearable tech. bottom.

The temperature sensor then uses a three-dimensional measurement architecture that detects and evaluates the temperature of the ear canal and skin of the ear, as well as its lateral regions.

Data collected from these three points are combined by an algorithm that provides more accurate information.

Imaging Headphones FreeBuds Pro 2+
Credit @Huawei

In terms of sound specs, the new FreeBuds Pro 2+ support L2HC and LDACTM High Definition Audio. It also features ANC 2.0 dynamic noise cancellation based on a stereo array of three microphones with a reduced depth of up to 47 decibels.

The headphones also have spatial audio based on Huawei’s own developed sound field rendering engine, allowing users to choose between concerts, theaters and movies.

As of now, there is no information yet regarding its global availability or market price.

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