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TikTok strengthens usage rules in Europe, what will change!

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social network tick tock Currently, usage rules in Europe are becoming stricter. More specifically, Community guidelines It is therefore intended to enhance community safety and promote more responsible use.

Based on the protection of human rights and in line with international legal frameworks, as the Chinese social network itself states, TikTok has updated its community guidelines. Now, we need to know exactly what will change.

Gradual but significant changes to TikTok’s Community Guidelines

The novelty is reflected in the context of content moderation, protection of author dignity, and establishing a compromise between freedom of expression and security. April 21st.

Over the next few months, all content moderators on our platform will receive additional information to effectively enforce these rules and regulations. This is as it applies. According to each thematic area, they restructured the way he organizes the rules of TikTok.

This is TikTok’s new tripartite stance

In this sense, the community has access to all rules and their respective details. So I know its settings and permissions. Her four pillars of approach to moderation were also defined.

Social Platforms Redefine Some Community Principles

TikTok has reached out to over 100 organizations and community members around the world to better respond to potential threats and harm. This information will be made available to all users.

By the way, here are some of the changes to the Community Principles:

Updates to our Community Guidelines also apply to Law Enforcement Strategies.

In short, TikTok aims to gradually appease European legislators while introducing a kind of moderation in content on the platform.

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