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Huawei challenges Apple with new smartphones

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Huawei didn’t stop openly challenging Apple at its new product presentation yesterday, March 23rd.

In addition to many comparisons with iPhone models, Huawei wanted to steal market share from Apple in the smartphone segment.

Huawei wants to compete directly with Apple in the smartphone market

Huawei launched the new Mate X3 with satellite communication Credit@Huawei

The race for dominance in the smartphone market is nothing new between Huawei and Apple. In the days before the sanctions against Chinese brands were imposed, the two companies were battling for a larger market share on a global level.

But then all that changed as Huawei suffered the consequences of the sanctions imposed, which were effectively reflected in its global sales.

Now, the Chinese brand seems to be gaining new momentum, and at a press conference yesterday (March 23rd, where it unveiled several new products), the company made it clear that it is alive and well and ready to return to the competition. .

Throughout the presentation of the new Huawei P60 smartphone series, many comparisons were made with iPhone 14 models.

Meanwhile, the telephoto sensor with super-focused night vision increases the capacity of this same sensor by 488% compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And for these reasons, Huawei believes its new smartphones can take on Apple’s models in the market and beat them in terms of sales.

Huawei could undermine Apple’s position in the Chinese market

Given that Apple has been the clear leader in global smartphone sales for several months in a row, this position by Huawei may seem too ambitious.

By the way, the Cupertino company is one of the few that has continued to register continued growth even as the smartphone market has registered declining global sales. analysis showed that Apple holds a 75% share in this segment.

Those are numbers that won’t be easy to overcome, Samsung says. This is especially true for brands like Huawei, which have to contend with a set of restrictions on a global level.

But in reality, Huawei can outperform Apple in certain markets and certain segments. Huawei could be supplanted by children’s products and remove some of its association with Apple in the Chinese market.

Chinese brands, on the other hand, definitely have a presence in the foldable smartphone segment, but not Apple. By the way, Huawei currently has 51.3% market share of foldable models in China, while Samsung is in second place with just 18.8%.

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