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Nothing Ear (2): You can now buy new true wireless earbuds

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Nothing Ear (2) was officially introduced on Wednesday, March 22nd. Led by Carl Pei, the young brand’s new true wireless headphones follow the aesthetic steps of the previous generation, with some innovations under the hood.

With the style of the big tech company, the Ear (2) is now available for purchase shortly after the product launch. You can buy the Ear (2) for 149 euros from Nothing’s official website.

For Nothing Ear (2) pricing and shipping, visit Nothing’s official website.

For now, this official sale is limited to the brand’s official website, but it’s only a matter of time before the headphones become available at major retailers and Nothing’s partners. Occurs from day

Nothing Ear (2) offers no aesthetic innovation. Especially since the winning team doesn’t change. The big news is mainly in the interior and software enhancements.

empty ear 2

With this new model, the brand has bet on Hi-Res audio certification and LHDC 5.0 codec for a superior audio experience. Added to this is his IP54 certification for the earphones and his IP55 certification for the charging box.

Like the original model, it comes with up to 40 dB of active noise cancellation. It can be charged via USB-C, but it can also be charged wirelessly with a Qi charger or even a smartphone with reverse charging.

empty ear 2

The brand has adopted dual connection technology for this model. This allows you to connect Ear (2) to two devices at the same time and switch between them in a very smooth way.

For more on Nothing Ear (2), check out our launch article below and our earbud-specific analysis/review.

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