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Nothing’s Next Headphones Are Far From What You Expected

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None have just launched their third audio product, Ear (2), to the market. These are the successors to the Ear(1), which launched in 2021, and are a premium option compared to the Ear(stick), which the brand launched last year.

But according to the latest leaks, the brand’s next headphones will be very different from what they’ve already released.

Nothing Ear (stick) and Nothing Ear (2)

New Nothing earphones could launch under XO sub-brand Particles

A few months ago, rumors circulated that Nothing could launch a sub-brand called “Particles by XO.” And the certification just revealed indicates that it could be the first product of this sub-brand.

This discovery was made by MySmartPrice through certification by South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). The model number of the headphones is B154, which identifies them as being made by Nothingge and having a very unique design.

Credit: MySmartPrice

The best way to describe them is that they are shaped like peanuts. But there is nothing of this format on the market.

They’re not transparent, which makes it clear that they could even be part of the headphones of the aforementioned sub-brand. It is good to take into account

Credit: 91mobiles
Credit: 91mobiles

It will have support for Bluetooth 5.2, LHDC and active noise cancellation. The official name and date of hitting the market are still unknown.

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