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Luis Lopez appointed as new CEO of Vodafone Portugal

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One of Portugal’s major operators is preparing for a management change. Mario Bass is leaving to become CEO of Vodafone Spain and will be replaced in Portugal by Luis Lopez.

The announcement was made by Vodafone Portugal this week, and as of April 1, 2023, the company’s new Executive President (CEO) will be Luis Lopez. He joined the Vodafone Group in 2014.

Mario Bass becomes CEO of Vodafone Spain

He is now back in Portugal, also succeeding Mario Vas as CEO of Vodafone Spain on April 1st. Of course, a challenge to satisfy him.

“The leadership of Vodafone Portugal is a challenge that I am proud of and will allow me to continue contributing to the growth of the Vodafone Group. A group in my country that has become one of the admired nations,” says Luis Lopez.

As for Mario Bass, he has been CEO of Vodafone Portugal since 2012. This leadership has had many challenges focused on transforming his operator from a mobile to a converged operator.

The operator reveals that it currently has more than 20% market share in fixed broadband (FBB) and about 19% in TV, according to the latest figures released by ANACOM.200,000 in 2012 households and now exceeds 4.2 million.

“I was part of this company from day one on the market until March 31, 2023, so there is no room for goodbyes or nostalgia. I made an irreversible decision.”

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