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He won’t close the door, walks out of the garage and destroys his new Mustang. The viral video

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We are not looking for excuses: if the garage is wide enough you have to work really hard to scrape one side or damage the car while maneuvering. Well, there are those who have done worse: in this video, which probably seriously embarrasses the protagonist, we see a maneuver worth showing in driving schools to illustrate what not to do when leaving the box.

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The victim is a Ford Mustang

In fact, the first consideration to make is why someone specifically decided to make a video of a car a Ford Mustang, as it comes from an extremely large garage for Italian standards. Not exactly an epic moment, but the voices in the background make it seem like there’s a decent audience to witness the scene: the fact that the door on the driver’s side is open immediately catches the eye and that is difficult to overlook, also because there is certainly also a warning light on the dashboard. Yet that is exactly what happens because the driver continues undeterred until the door hits a table, the spill. On this point the situation would still be recoverable, but for some inexplicable reason, instead of stopping, also considering the low speed, the Mustang almost jerks which is the fatal one and which produces one disturbing sound of folded metal.

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although the door remains intact and the window does not shattercan be seen that it is fully folded on the side opposite the closing side, with the cracked hinges, an unequivocal indication of the need to make an appointment with the coachbuilder. However, there is a reflection to be made: the vastness majority of viral videos on social networks and on YouTube, starring the Mustangs, it’s about cars that do something you slip under acceleration, eventually spin and crash on walls, sidewalks, hedges and trees, with the public openly mocking the “Sunday” riders. However, here everything happens in slow motion, the damage is all in all contained and it’s actually a tragic distraction and no performance gone wrong.

Source: Corriere

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