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A-live, from Ferrino the smart backpack that helps save lives

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A backpack with IoT technology, designed to help healthcare workers in the most critical moments, whether in the dark or in very cold temperatures. It’s called A-Live and can be managed through a mobile app

A backpack that helps save lives. It’s called A-Live and it’s designed to meet the needs of the emergency services and emergency medical services under all circumstances: it can operate in temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius, has a built-in light and visibility that ensure the safety of the medical personnel using it.

How A-Live works

It is a real smart backpack, presented by the Ferrino company, with a patented system and IoT technology. Compartments, pockets and zippers are controlled by sensors and antennas that allow you to monitor the opening and contents in real time. Everything is connected to an app that allows operators to manage and view the available tools thanks to an automatically updated checklist. For example, the same medical staff will be able to set the expiration date of the medicines present in the backpack and receive a notification when it is necessary to replace them.

A smart backpack

A-live is equipped with a rechargeable battery, with an autonomy of 24 hours, a backpack cover for decontamination operations and interchangeable shoulder straps in case of wear. It is made of resistant materials, such as cordura and has a rubberized fabric on the bottom. In addition, each backpack can connect in a unique way and adapt to the different operational centers of the organizations that will use it.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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