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In Parliament, a conference on the challenges and opportunities of Esports

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The initiative was promoted by the Movimento 5 Stelle and the Italian Esports Observatory (Oies) with the aim of drawing the attention of the institutions to the need to define a national ecosystem of rules for this sector

What are the Critical Issues and Potential of Esports in Italy? And what economic and social aspects does the phenomenon of gaming generate? These are the questions at the center of the conference on May 8 and 9, which brings the theme of Esports, competitive and professional video game competitions, to Parliament for the first time. The initiative was promoted by the Movimento 5 Stelle and by the Italian Esports Observatory (Oies) with the aim of drawing the attention of the institutions to the need to define a national ecosystem of rules for this sector. Indeed, it is the first time that the theme of Esports and gaming has landed in parliamentary seats, highlighting a market with huge potential, but still undervalued in Italy. The moderator on both days is Alessandro Taballione, journalist from Sky TG24.

The conference

The Esports market is growing exponentially around the world, but in Italy, the organizers say, it is suffering from a serious slowdown due to the lack of a regulatory framework that defines a sustainable perimeter for the many companies operating there. Starting from parliament, the conference aims to involve parliamentarians in order to give the legislator a positive impulse in strengthening this market. The conference draws on the experience of the Esports Legal Forum of the Oies, which over the past three years has been mapping all the critical regulatory issues faced by Italian operators. With the two days of 8 and 9 May, the aim is to broaden and strengthen this experience, crossing the doors of Parliament for the first time. The two days of the conference represent the first moment of open discussion between the sector’s stakeholders and gather a representation of the main realities of the sector and members of Oies.

The first day

The day of May 8 was held in the Sala del Refettorio of Palazzo San Macuto from 2:30 pm. The theme was “Critique and Potential of Esports in Italy: Proposals for the Development of the Sector”. The day was opened with introductions by Valentina Barzotti (group leader of the 5 Star Movement of the Public and Private Work Commission) and by Luigi Caputo (founder and CEO of the Italian Esports Observatory). Issues related to the regulatory gaps affecting the sector in Italy and the difficulties they create for the development of this market were discussed. Speakers included Alessio Cicolari, CEO of Ak Informatica, Niccolò Travia, Managing Partner of Studio Lorenzoni, Manuela Magistro and Andrea Mileto of Studio Legale Lexant, Giuseppe Vaciago, Partner of 42 Law Firm, Biagio Giancola, Partner of Studio Legale Martinelli, Rogolino , Giancola and Giulietta Minucci, senior associate Lexia Avvocati. The conclusions were entrusted to Antonio Caso, representative of the Five Star Movement and member of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education.

The second day

However, on May 9, the conference will be held from 10 a.m. in the Matteotti room of Palazzo Theodoli Bianchelli and will be entitled “Economic and social aspects of gaming in Italy: making the growth of the phenomenon sustainable and inclusive”. The meeting will be introduced by Luigi Caputo (Founder and CEO of OIES), Alessandra Todde (formerly M5S Deputy Minister for Economic Development) and Chiara Appendino (M5S Deputy, former Mayor of Turin). The economic and social aspects of gaming in Italy are discussed and how the growth of this sector in our region can be made sustainable and inclusive. Speakers include Simone Mingoli, CEO of Dsyre, Stefano Sbordoni, Managing Partner and Founder of Studio Sbordoni&Partners, Daniel Schmidhofer and Elisa Lescio, respectively CEO and Project Management Director of ProGaming Italia, Nicolò Palestino and Tommaso Zeppetella, respectively Country Manager and Head of Sales of Azerion Italy, Fortuna Imperatore, Game Designer, and Micaela Romanini, founder of Women in Games Italy. The conclusions will always be entrusted to Antonio Caso.

Caputo: “Historical moment for Esports in Italy”

“The organization of this conference in Parliament represents a historic moment for Esports in Italy – said Luigi Caputo, founder and CEO of the Italian Esports Observatory -. The development that sector operators so hope for starts precisely with the institutional recognition. Thanks to the attention and commitment of the 5-star movement, we have been able to take this issue to the parliamentary offices and start a necessary discussion with the legislator”. Therefore “a powerful light is shed on a sector that has grown too fast compared to the Italian regulatory system – said Caputo – and has been severely neglected and penalized for this reason. We are also proud to thank the promoters of an event are open to all and which will break the all-too-often negative stereotypes associated with gaming, highlight a market that could be a major driver of the growth of the national economy, and an extraordinary tool to encourage the younger bringing generations closer to work”.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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