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SmartHero, the technology that saves solo workers

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A biosensor capable of rescuing a lone worker involved in an accident, monitoring vulnerable people and providing medical diagnosis support: it’s called SamirtHero and it’s an Italian-made technology designed to save lives

“When something happens, the seconds and minutes really make all the difference in saving a life – explains Massimiliano Garruzzo, co-founder of MAIS and scientific director – So having or at least wearing something on your wrist that, fully automatically and by switching off the false positives, knows how to set off an alarm, is very important.” It’s called SmartHero and it’s an Italian-made technology – from the MAIS startup – which, through artificial intelligence, is able to report health risks in real time, prevent some ailments and even recognize the contagion of Covid.

The application areas of SmairtHero

“The application areas of SmairtHero are many – says Garruzzo – The best known are solo workers or employees dealing with risky tasks, vulnerable people, all those who want to feel more protected and telemedicine, which is our ability to recover data in medical form , to process them again thanks to artificial intelligence engines and to provide support to the diagnosis, doctors or health professionals”. Through a biosensor, which can be worn on the wrist or worn in a sock, SmairtHero is able to to remotely monitor chronic patients and the elderly in a non-invasive way and recognize if an employee is down because of an accident, cardiac arrest, electrocution or if you are at work, to prevent false alarms.” in about two weeks of use, a digital doppelgänger, which is based on the user’s patterns, while he works, while he sleeps, while he travels, and so on. When there is data that falls outside of these patterns, the SmairtHero, the artificial intelligence, references all the data – and this is the trick to knocking out false positives – and if there is a need instead, an alarm is immediately triggered . The alarm is sent to the control room, which can immediately send help”.

What happens to our data?

Data that is necessary to create the digital double after two weeks is deleted in accordance with GDPR regulations. “Our digital double is rebuilt every night because Massimiliano grows, changes, turns more, turns less. He is more stressed, less stressed. So to stay true to the person it has to be rebuilt every day. And the data is deleted – Garruzzo assures – Instead, in the case of telemedicine, we are paid and with informed consent, the data is kept within the servers and decoupled and encrypted. Therefore, even in the event of a system breach, the data is not used in any way.”

Source: TG 24 Sky

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