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The Metaverse According to Coderblock: Virtual Terrains and New Opportunities

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The metaverse, an evolving reality. Among those who admire him and those who criticize him, there are those who continue to reconsider. Such is the case of the startup Coderblock which has developed its decentralized metaverse where virtual land can be bought via blockchain to be developed as desired

What does it mean to buy virtual land? And how does the concept of the metaverse change? We talked about it with Danilo Costa, CEO and Founder of Coderblock. “In the metaverse, the user can feel free to be themselves and experiment independently,” emphasizes Costa.

Coderblock, the metaverse where you can buy virtual land

“Coderblock was not born to be a metaverse, but it has become one through the requests the market has made over time”. For example, Danilo Costa introduces the work of his startup Coderblock, based in Palermo and Miami. Born in late 2015 with the aim of creating immersive virtual experiences – especially for the world of work – Coderblock has now developed its decentralized metaverse. Here, through blockchain, you can buy virtual lands (better known by the English translation “land”) to develop as you wish. “I always give the example of one of our investors who decided to buy some country between a terrain and Oasis, the main city of the Coderblock metaverse,” says Costa. “He bought a piece of land that represents some kind of bridge and he did it because he thought it would be easier for other users to walk across that bridge instead of swimming to reach the city,” explains Costa. “Before you rent or sell his countrydecided on one company place billboards above it”.

The new Coderblock tools for the metaverse experience

The Coderblock metaverse was created to provide users with new opportunities in the personal and professional fields. For this reason, Coderblock’s developers – the “coders” – are working to implement more and more innovative tools. “We are about to put two new technologies online,” explains Costa, “the first is the builder which allows you to build on virtual land, the second is instead a mobile application that allows you to move within this land with just a thumb”. And he adds: “In the future there will also be one marketplaceie the ability to upload and sell 3D models to other users, who can then use them within the premises. This creates a real market where everyone contributes something and the ultimate goal is to create engagement for users, who will therefore visit these countries, increasing their value.”

Coderblock, a personalized and customizable metaverse

“The beauty of a metaverse,” Costa explains, “is that each of us perceives the meaning of the metaverse differently.” For example, there are people who develop their business directly in the metaverse, while there are people who use the metaverse to do research or to promote their work. “Creating a true metaverse takes time because there are activities to help users trace their personality and their behavior within this space,” explains Costa. “This way, users can decide which domains of the metaverse need more analysis.”

Source: TG 24 Sky

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