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WhatsApp lets you hide your contact number with this new feature

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Instant communication platform WhatsApp is experimenting with new features for its apps that will change the way users are identified. Soon you will be able to choose your username on this platform.

This novel feature gives users a new form of identification beyond contact numbers. This is a great option for use in groups where you don’t want all participants to see your personal contacts.

WhatsApp preparing to implement usernames in the app

This novelty was discovered by WABetainfo, a publication that has always paid attention to the design of the WhatsApp platform. They face this option in beta version of the WhatsApp app for Android.

A new section has been added to the user’s profile menu when browsing the new version of the app. The news strongly indicates that soon everyone will be able to choose his own username on his WhatsApp.

This option[設定]-[プロファイル]You can find it by going to In addition to the usual ‘name’ or ‘biography’ fields, a ‘WhatsApp username’ field will also be available, allowing users to define this in a yet-to-be-discovered way.

It’s still too early to go into detail about how this novelty works, but it all points to a new way to identify WhatsApp. Plus, it’s a new layer of privacy you can add to your account, hiding your contact numbers from prying eyes.

This also allows you to add new contacts to your WhatsApp list simply by searching for their username. You will no longer have to disclose your contact number just to speak with you on this platform.

We are currently awaiting new details that may reveal the correct functioning of this option. Once this news has reached all users, WhatsApp officials will elaborate on how usernames work in the application.

Source: 4G News

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