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22 premium Android apps are now free on the Google Play Store

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the best android application As you will quickly understand, they are rarely free. However, luckily, their respective developers sometimes make these same apps available for free through the Google Play Store.

We’ve come up with a list full of temporarily free content that you can install or update the range available on your Android phone without paying. This is a good way to install new and valuable apps on your tablet or smartphone.

Below you’ll find various apps grouped by content type and genre. There is also a link to the Google Play Store, the official store for safe and free installation. Please note that these are temporary promotions.

app premium android temporarily free

  1. AppLock Pro | Free – €2.69
  2. 3D EARTH PRO – Regional Forecastt | Free – €9.49
  3. raya black icon pack | Free – €1.49
  4. Equalizer Music Player Pro | Free – €2.59
  5. equalizer and bass turbo | Free – €2.59
  6. reminder pro | Free – €3.89
  7. Meteoroid – Icon Pack | Free – €1.69
  8. Linios Pink – Icon Pack | Free – €1.69

We’ll start with a list of apps that enhance your Android smartphone or tablet with all sorts of useful apps, from reminders to equalizers. Choose the one that is most convenient and install what you need without paying.

At the same time, you will find several icon packs for Android. These are small apps that help you change the overall look of your Android smartphone, each with its own style. Again, choose your design well and install your favorite.

Paid games are now free for Android on the Google Play Store

Cooking Kawaii – Cooking Game Madness Fever
  1. Brain Game – Find5x 4P | Free – €1.69
  2. Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse | free – 0.59 Euro
  3. Zombie Age 2 Premium: Shooter | free – 0.59 Euro
  4. Monkey Go Happy | free – 0.69 Euro
  5. Light Bulb – Light Game | free – 0.79 Euro
  6. Surface Trimino: Increase Area | free – 0.89 Euro
  7. Burning Fortress 2 | free 0.99 Euro
  8. Cute Cooking: Kitchen | free – 0.99 Euro
  9. Zombie Age 3 Premium: Survival | free – 0.99 Euro
  10. Life or Death Survival Pro | free – 1.19 euros
  11. Final Castle Defense: Idle RPG | free – 1.29 euros
  12. Hidden Word Brain Exercise PRO | free – 2.49 euros
  13. Rectangular PRO | free – 2.49 euros
  14. Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T | free – 3.49 euros

Above is a list of temporarily free games that you can install on your Android smartphone. In fact, there are several games that are perfect for killing time on your mobile device, playing offline, or hanging out with friends over the internet.

This means that you can now install these contents as apps and games for Android through the Google Play Store, the official content store for Android mobile devices.

Source: 4G News

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