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Cars: boom in hybrids, petrol cars keep, diesels fail, electric flop.

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The market is growing, electric cars are declining

It’s a good time for the mainland market: April recorded the ninth consecutive month of growth, with 964,932 passenger cars, an increase of 16.1% from the 831,014 units registered in April 2022. In the first quarter, the positive balance rises to +17.2% and reaches 4,201,918 cars sold compared to 3,585,944 in January-April. The increase in registrations affected all five Grand Markets, with Italy in first place (+29.2%) followed by France (+21.9%), Germany (+12.6%), the United Kingdom ( +11.6%) and Spain (+8.2%). However, Spain has the most consistent growth in the first quarter (+33.7%), with Italy in second place (+26.9%) followed by the United Kingdom (+16.9%), France (+16. 7%) and Germany (+7.9%). In this positive series, there is one aspect that continues to surprise (negatively): in April, Italy still stands out as the last market of the five largest, with a share of cars on tap reaching 7.9%, of which 3.1% are purely electric and 4.8% plug-in hybrids. The comparison with other countries is distressing: in Germany, BEVs are 14.7% and PHEVs are 5.8%, even if they are declining sharply due to the exclusion of incentives; in France BEV 12.9% and PHEV 8.2%; UK BEV 15.4%, PHEV 6.5%; finally in Spain BEV at 4.6% and PHEV at 5.8%. Well, we’re not there.

Source: Corriere

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