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Eleglide Coozy Review: A Great Value Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters are an increasingly popular means of transportation. Many users are looking for this type of vehicle for their daily commute. When traveling around town, having an accessible scooter with front suspension is a key point for many users. And Eleglide his Koozie would be a good option in this segment.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing this electric scooter officially priced at €549.99 from this brand. This article describes the main features and how they behave in everyday use.

Main specifications of the Eleglide Koozie

Unpacking and Assembling the Eleglide Koozie

Unpacking the Eleglide Koozie is as easy as an electric scooter. It’s a relatively compact box and comes with the handlebars disassembled. Using the provided tools and screws, this is the first step after removing the protective plastic.

It can be used without problems if the handlebar is attached. But of course, a charger is also included in the box, and the brand recommends fully charging it before first use. The owner’s manual also contains useful safety information for your first scooter.

Eleglide Coogee

What about the construction, design and weight of the Eleglide Koozie?

The Eleglide Coozy has decent build quality and is well suited for its price point. The frame is strong and the mudguard plastic is stiff. However, there are some moments during construction when you realize there was a disconnect.

There is a rubberized material on top of the deck that appears to be of poor quality and is slightly peeling on one side. No problem, but the charging port sealing could also be improved. All other materials look sturdy.

Eleglide Coogee

The important point is that the cover around the battery is made of aluminum alloy. So you can rely on it to protect your battery area, which is shock-proof, puncture-proof and waterproof.

The Eleglide Coozy’s design is reminiscent of its competitors in the industry. It has a very understated look and looks positive in an urban context. The width of the deck is 19 cm, which is quite wide.

Eleglide Coogee

This means there is enough room for both feet to fit together if the user so desires. According to the brand, the maximum weight for this user he should be 120 kg for proper stability.

The scooter has a gross weight of 22.7 kg and a net weight of 18.7 kg. This means that this is a relatively moderately weighted scooter that can be folded and taken to the subway, for example. It turned out that climbing the stairs inside the building was no problem. However, there are many stairs, so some effort is already required.

Eleglide Coogee

You can fold it up and keep or store it at home or in your car as shown in the image below. The structure has safety tabs and a clip for mounting on the back. I never noticed any weakness in these areas within the seemingly safe fold.

Also note that it has high quality side rests. This gives excellent stability when parking the scooter, even in slightly windy conditions (as on some test days).

Eleglide Coogee

What is it like to drive an Eleglide Coogee?

The Eleglide Coozy is equipped with a 350W motor that provides plenty of power for your daily commute and lifts up to 15%. While driving, I felt that I could run quite well even on steep slopes.

The 10-inch tires are high quality and stable. It adopts E-ABS braking system and rear disc brake. Coogee’s brakes are satisfying and convey a sense of security, but I wish the brakes were less slammed and more effective.

Eleglide Coogee

As already mentioned, the deck has a width of 19 centimeters, which I believe is sufficient for safe driving. As for the suspension, it is provided to ensure a certain degree of stability when driving on uneven road surfaces.

It has several modes. The most basic pedestrian mode is used when the scooter travels at her 6 km/h and is carried by hand. Then there is the eco mode, which drives at a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The maximum speed in standard mode is 15 km/h and in sport mode is 25 km/h.

Eleglide Coogee

This is the legal maximum speed for the Eleglide Coogee. In some markets it can be unlocked from the Greendrive app, but for use in Europe this is not possible due to legal restrictions.

Please note that it has an accelerator that allows you to use the cruise control function. Press and hold for about 10 seconds at a constant speed to activate. As soon as you step on the brakes, this constant speed is deactivated.

Eleglide Coogee

In terms of lighting, it has a good front light and a good rear light that is visible from quite a distance. A great advantage of this scooter is the flashing lighting on the steering wheel. It can be used as a “turner” and is activated at the push of a button. The rear side is also equipped with a reflector that enhances visibility.

Additionally, there is also a bell that can be used to signal your presence. The Green Drive app allows you to customize modes, turn lights on, find scooters, activate sport modes, and connects via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS smartphone.

Eleglide Coogee

What about the autonomy of the Eleglide Koozie?

Powered by a 36 V 12.5 Ah battery, the brand promises a range of 50-55 km. However, as always, these numbers are only possible under ideal conditions. Under normal circumstances it varies between standard and sport modes, but within the 30km autonomous driving range there was more.

As always, autonomy depends on several factors. From weather conditions, the floor, or the user’s weight. With a weight of 62 kg, I managed to do about 30 km of autonomous driving with a few climbs.

Eleglide Coogee

Charging takes about 7 hours. As with most scooters, the battery cannot be removed, so the Koozie must be close to an outlet to charge.

What does the Eleglide Koozy screen look like?

The Eleglide Coozy’s screen isn’t blazingly bright, but it’s highly visible day and night, and we found it to be one of the simplest and best we’ve tested. There are buttons to operate the scooter and to power the scooter on or off. By the way, use a padlock when leaving your scooter on a public road. No alarms, no security codes, no keys here. It’s a call and follow.

Eleglide Coogee

The screen shows information about the scooter’s mileage, battery level and whether it uses lights or turn signals. It also shows which mode you’re currently walking in, whether Bluetooth is on, and whether there are any defects or high temperature warnings.

Eleglide Koozie Conclusion

The Eleglide Coozy is an electric scooter with some interesting features in its price range. Range is good and the 350 W motor is good enough for uphill climbs of up to 15%.

Eleglide Coogee

The front suspension helps make this scooter more stable on uneven surfaces. The 19 cm wide deck also contributes to a comfortable journey. The turn signals on the grips are also a very nice detail for those planning to ride at night, and the rear lights flash brightly to let you know when you’re braking.

However, the rubberized area on top of the deck was slightly peeled off on one side and did not appear to be of the highest quality. Brakes are more effective when shipped from the factory, so initial maintenance is required. While this app is a complementary experience, it doesn’t do much more than check your battery percentage level. If you can tolerate the shortcomings, the suspension can make up for the value of your purchase.

At €599 on the official website, but on sale it usually goes for €549, so it’s a scooter to consider in this price range. with a unique code4G News Koozie“There is an additional €60 discount, which brings us to €489.

Eleglide Coogee

350W motor

Maximum speed: 25km/h

Correspondence inclination: Up to 15%

450Wh battery, 36V 12.5Ah

Maximum supported weight: 120 kg

Certification: IPX4

mechanical front suspension

Gross Weight: 22.7 kg; Net Weight: 18.7 kg

ever since €489 and Eleglide

eleglide cool

Strengths of Eleglide Coozy

Eleglide Koozie Improvements

Source: 4G News

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