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WhatsApp’s new design is coming to the Android app. Let’s see what changes!

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WhatsApp is currently the world’s largest instant messaging platform with over 2 billion monthly users. This is probably the best messaging app out there right now and will soon bring a new look to the application.

The instant messaging app has some competitors such as Telegram and Signal that allow users to customize more aspects. look An overview of the application itself. Something that the people responsible for WhatsApp didn’t realize.

Get ready for news coming to WhatsApp

With this in mind, a package of news and improvements is currently under development within WhatsApp that will significantly change the look and feel of the application. Specifically, the interface of the app for Android, which will be updated soon.

According to the publication, these same changes will also be applied to the iOS (iPhone) app to standardize distribution. WA beta information. Either way, this will be a very significant change for WhatsApp.

Specifically, new elements such as translucent navigation bars are coming to Android users first. Still, some of these elements already look a lot like iOS apps in many ways.

WhatsApp app for Android gets a new design

WhatsApp’s settings and options have a new look. Credit: WABetaInfo

According to the aforementioned sources, WhatsApp will have a design closer to the iOS version. In effect, applying some translucency instead of the current black color will totally modernize various aspects of the application.

In practice, this implementation aims to improve the application’s visual language and user control elements. However, at the moment it is one of the novelties in development, so we will have to wait for its publication.

In short, we are happy to announce another good news for WhatsApp. The application continues to improve every week with new features and options that are constantly being developed in-house.

???? WhatsApp Beta for Android What’s new? WhatsApp continues to develop a redesigned settings page with three new shortcuts available in future updates of the app. pic.twitter.com/oxOZXLn3ld

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) May 25, 2023

Source: 4G News

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