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Computex 2023, artificial intelligence and the new relationship with humans

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More than 30,000 people from 126 countries around the world, a third of the international guests. These are the figures from ComputeX in Taiwan, one of the most important and longest running conferences on technology and information technology. Our report

ComputeX in Taipei, Taiwan is one of the most important and longest-running world events dedicated to telecommunications technologies and systems, which in its ten-year history has seen the emergence of ideas that then changed the world. This year, the absolute protagonist is artificial intelligence, which is included in all new products launched this year.

The golden age of artificial intelligence

Nvidia CEO and founder Jensen Huang said during his keynote on the eve of the event announcing the new products that generative artificial intelligence is leading us into a new era of information technology where we can all become developers. “ComputeX started with PCs and now here we are, with artificial intelligence. It is precisely for this reason that we chose as the motto of this year’s edition: ‘Together We Create, Together We Create’ – explains James to Sky TG24 microphones Huang, president of TAITRA, which organizes ComputeX. – Artificial intelligence is beyond all imagination, it generates scripts, designs and even music. We as human beings have a partner with whom we can create and communicate across different sectors. Together with AI, we accelerate innovation and redefining new technologies. AI is the golden opportunity for the computing industry,” says the president of TAITRA. Nvidia is well aware that it is a golden age, which has reached the very limited club of companies with a trillion dollar capitalization thanks to artificial intelligence.

The news from Acer

One of the tech giants showing off their new products to the public is Acer, a Taiwanese company expanding its eco-friendly Vero line to include the laptop Acer Aspire Vero 15 and showed the new Predator Triton 16, the ideal notebook for both gaming and work. Visitors to his pavilion could also experience SpatialLabs technology by immersing themselves in Acer’s 3D experience without glasses.

The most important announcements from Asus and MSI

The other Taiwanese player in the computer world Asus has presented to the public its first portable console Rog Ally, hybrid, on which you can load Xbox games as well as those from other consoles. And then it launched the new ROG MATRIX GeForce RTX 4090 VGA “It’s a perfect combination of design and high performance,” ASUS Italy country manager Marco Astori tells us. ROG Matrix RTX 4090 is the world’s first card with a liquid metal cooling solution, helping you keep temperatures even lower for consistently higher performance and less noise.

There is also MSI entering the luxury gaming experience by introducing a new laptop created in collaboration with Mercedes.

The InnoVEX

An entire section of ComputeX is dedicated to startups, the InnoVEX, which showcases the power of local technology and the international connections the country offers. This year, InnoVEX brought 400 startups from 22 countries, including an Italian delegation, which was visited on the opening day by the Italian representative in Taiwan Davide Giglio, who underlined how Taiwan is an indispensable partner for Italy, “because we are increasingly present on these markets”.

The most interesting Italian startups

Visual Note is an app that can be highlighted via an LED strip to be mounted on the fretboard of the guitar that tells you where to place your fingers and how to go in time to learn how to play it.

Travel Verse that develops the metaverse for the tourism industry and develops applications or virtual reality in real environments such as hotels or monuments, to play in.

At Innovex, we also met Bubbleye.AI, an artificial intelligence platform founded by an Italian that helps you better manage budgets to promote apps: it is one of 500 startups within Garage+, the Taiwanese zero-equity incubator, which requires equity participation, and which supports and scales projects from more than 70 countries around the world, from Taipei.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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