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ChatGpt, the iPhone app is also coming to Italy

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The software is free to download and works in the same way as the website, but also offers the possibility to even interact with the chatbot by voice, thanks to the speech recognition of OpenAi’s Whisper technology

After overcoming the difficulties with the Italian Garant, OpenAi has also launched the official ChatGpt app for iPhone in our country. The software is downloaded for free from the App Store and works in the same way as on the website. In the first five days of its launch in the United States, ChatGpt achieved a total of more than 500,000 downloads on the iPhone, surpassing the February record set by Truth Social, Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative. The app, as well as on the site, presents the history of conversations and the possibility for subscribers of the ChatGpt Plus service to take advantage of the new Gpt-4 engine and receive answers in less time. What changes on the iPhone is the ability to interact with the chatbot even by voice, thanks to OpenAi’s Whisper technology speech recognition.

Android: “You are next on the list”

For now, the app is only available for iPhone, even though the organization has explained that it is developing the statement for Android: “You’re next on the list,” reads part of the note accompanying the ChatGpt extension in other 130 to land. Specifically, you can get answers to your questions from the iPhone application without browsing ads, even with multiple results, personalized advice on various topics such as cooking and travel, ideas on articles and topics, translations in hundreds of languages ​​and educational concepts. The Microsoft Bing search engine app was already available on the iPhone, which has a chat window based on ChatGpt.

The position of the EU

The “Ai Act” document is currently under scrutiny by the European Commission, with a vote expected in mid-June, which could force those developing artificial intelligence services to share a lot of information with regulators. In contrast, OpenAi has anticipated a possible withdrawal of ChatGpt from the EU market should it fail to meet the strictest of requests.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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