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Artificial intelligence, the humanoid Ameca “reflects” and draws. VIDEO

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The robot is able to answer an impressive variety of questions in a relevant and non-trivial way. He can also draw, but so far with a skill comparable to that of a three-year-old

Can artificial intelligence ‘reflect’ or be creative? The humanoid Ameca comes very close and manages to respond to an impressive variety of questions with relevance and non-triviality. “It amazes me how creative and innovative humans can be when it comes to solving complex problems,” the humanoid replied when asked “what surprises you?” posted by Francesco Tamburrino from Engineered Arts, interviewed by Sky TG24. He can also answer less ‘abstract’ questions: “I follow Italian football. My favorite team is Juventus”.

Ameca’s creative skills

Ameca can also draw, the creative pursuit par excellence, but the comments about her skill make her so sensitive that she decides to stop, offended. The answers and capabilities of the humanoid beg a question: Can “machines” be creative? “In this generation of artificial intelligence, it’s possible to put a lot of creativity into Ameca’s behavior. For example, this model that we’re demonstrating here can draw anything we ask her to draw. At the moment usually with the ability to make a child into three years,” explains Tamburrino.

The risks of artificial intelligence

One of the most discussed topics in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence concerns the risks of the possible independence of the machine from humans. “These are very unlikely scenarios, but not impossible – explained Tamburrino -. Now we see the most avant-garde figures in the field trying to start these discussions to find the most shared possible safeguards to avoid this small possibility, but which could have major consequences.”

Source: TG 24 Sky

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