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OnePlus Pad is more durable than Apple’s iPad (video)

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This was the year OnePlus brought its first tablet to market. This is a relatively complete tablet that hit the market for €499. A lower price than what users have to pay for the 10th generation iPad (599 euros).

The problem is that the OnePlus Pad seems more durable than the Apple tablet. The truth is that the new tablet has lived up to expectations, with the hands of the formidable YouTuber JerryRigEverything.

New OnePlus Pad Durability Test – This one is nasty…

In the normal scratch test, level 6 produced normal scratches and level 7 produced deeper scratches. It also withstood the fire resistance test without any problems. But where it stood out was the so-called folding test.

The 10th generation iPad broke in this test. Not on the OnePlus Pad.

Anyone who follows this YouTube channel knows that the iPad has already suffered enough in this part of the test. Some even broke in half. But the truth is, OnePlus resisted, revealing it had a more robust build.

The new iPad is… (let’s not talk about that…)

You can see that the instrument is slightly bent on the first try. But after two more tries, the OnePlus Pad’s construction seems to hold up to unexpected bends. And the truth is, the OnePlus Pad was still working at the end of the test.

The OnePlus Pad may not be perfect for a 499 euro tablet. But this video shows that it’s structurally ready to take at least some “blow”. Durability is also a sure point.

Source: 4G News

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