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Video games, a journey from hell: Diablo IV is coming

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The iconic game series is about to make its long-awaited return. The Infernal Masterpiece officially arrives tomorrow, June 6

The wait is over and finally the Diablo IV video game officially comes out tomorrow, June 6. The end of the third chapter left open two main plot scenarios, crucial to the continuation of the story. First, the fate of the Prime Evils, the powerful demonic creatures, had to be dealt with. Second, the story focused on the promising young Lorath the Horadrim, a key character introduced in the previous game. In addition, humanity has suffered greatly from the actions of the Reapers and the ongoing demonic threat. In the new chapter, we will witness the evolution of Lorath the Horadrim. This character embodies the forbidden knowledge of the Diablo universe. The story delves into his experiences, thoughts and motivations, offering insight into his growth and the challenges he faces.

New characters are coming

Set approximately 50 years after the events of Diablo III, Diablo IV deals with the consequences of the actions of the Prime Evils and explores the evolving world of Sanctuary. Developing the game required a delicate balance between returning to the dark and atmospheric roots of the series and incorporating successful elements from Diablo III. The addition of new characters, such as Lilith, along with redesigned returning characters, enriches the story and offers new and old players an immersive experience. The appeal of the campaign lies in its immediate environment, the eternal conflict between light and darkness, and the challenges faced by the human characters who find themselves in the midst of these mighty forces. The development process was based on collaborative teamwork, thoughtful character design, and maintaining the core themes and principles of the Diablo universe.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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