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WWDC 2023, all the announcements from Apple’s early summer conference

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New MacBook Air, new Mac Pro and Mac Studio. Also new to iOS, the new iPhone operating system. Waiting for the announcement on the virtual reality headset. Experience all the news Apple presents at its traditional early summer event

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“A special day of announcements about our technologies and our ideas”. For example, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, opens the annual Apple conference dedicated to developers, where every year at the beginning of the summer the new hardware and especially software that will be launched in the fall is revealed.

The news from the Mac world

With the transition to the Apple Silicon processor, we have completely transformed the Mac, they explain at Apple. First introduced at WWDC is the new 15-inch MacBook Air, with a lightweight, durable and thin (11.5mm) design that makes it the thinnest laptop ever. Equipped with Apple’s M2 chip, it has a long battery life and is sold in four colors. Retail price, $1,299.

Among other innovations in the Mac world, the new Mac Studio (the compact PC for professionals) arrives in its second version, even faster and more powerful and with the M2 ​​Ultra processor (“an exhibition ship”). Prices from 1,999 euros.
Among the innovations for professional users, the M2 Ultra chip also arrives on the new Mac Pros, which are mainly used in the world of graphics, music, animation and three-dimensional modeling. Prices from $6,999.

The news of iOS17

Apple also presented the news of iOS, the operating system for iPhones. Let’s start with the phone: with Contact Posters it is possible to choose which photo, which text or which avatar will be displayed by those who receive our call. With Live Voicemail, on the other hand, it will be possible to read on the screen in real time a transcript of what the person on the other end of the line is saying, giving us the opportunity to decide whether to answer or not. transfer the call to the answering machine (useful if, for example, we are in a meeting and cannot answer). Also new on the Messages side with the ability (also seen on Google Pixel) to receive a transcription of voice messages (without necessarily having to listen to them). Finally, there is a function (Check In) that allows you to let your family know in real time and automatically whether we are home and whether we are safe, a useful function for the youngest or for those who return home late at night, for example.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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