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Google Chrome: You may have malicious extensions installed on your PC.

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Google Chrome browser extensions add functionality and utility to the world’s most popular browser. However, be careful when using any of these Chrome extensions. Malware (malicious software) was found in your code.

Malware threats continue to flood the internet, and infected apps are frequently found on the Google Play Store, the only official “store” for Android content. But the Play Store isn’t the only place where malware escapes.

The extension contained malware and incorrect permissions

More than 30 extensions were recently flagged and were previously available in the Chrome Web Store, but were quickly removed because they were considered dangerous. The results came as a result of a study published in May last year.

In common, these Chrome extensions displayed a lot of ads. In other words, the extension abused its permissions to modify search results and display a “storm” of ads to users.

Malicious code was able to display advertisements through injection. script JavaScript on websites you visit. In this way, you present the same ads to those responsible to generate revenue.

Over 30 Extensions Containing Malware in Chrome Web Store

These are removed extensions, including the most active users.

The Google Chrome browser has a total of 32 extensions and is used by millions of users worldwide. A complete list can be found here. The above are the most popular ones and some others are still available in the official Google Chrome store.

Note that this time, contrary to the usual practice within Google, Google has not yet removed all affected extensions despite warnings and investigations initiated by parties such as Avast. The reason for such inaction is unknown.

Meanwhile, the US giant said it “takes these complaints and security and privacy concerns very seriously.”

In short, Google Chrome has a lot of useful extensions, but it’s important to pay attention to what you install in your browser. If possible, choose verified developers and extensions with good user reviews.

Source: 4G News

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