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Dyson V15 Detect review: Vacuum cleaner that sees the invisible

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Cordless upright vacuums are a product that is growing in popularity because they do not need to be plugged in when vacuuming and provide a comfortable vacuuming position for the user. But they are usually associated with low power. Now, Dyson V15 detection It shows that this idea could not be more wrong. I’m sorry, but your house isn’t as clean as you think it is, so be prepared.

This Dyson upright vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 240 AW, great autonomy and a wide range of accessories for vacuuming multiple floors. Carpets can be vacuumed without issue, but it comes with a mini brush that makes it difficult to remove hair and pet hair. But what impresses me the most is the laser illuminated brush. Let’s get to know him more.

Main features of Dyson V15 Detect

What I found in my Dyson V15 Detect box

The tested version of the Dyson V15 Detect (it’s Absolute) includes all the accessories pictured below. We have the vacuum cleaner, main tube, charger, and wall-mounted charging stand.

Then find accessories for cleaning tight spaces, accessories with brushes to remove dust, adapters to reach hard-to-reach areas (such as furniture), or clips to help with storage.

Of course, there are basically high-torque brushes, which are mainly used for carpets, and special brushes for hard hair and pet hair. The company’s centerpiece is the Laser Slim Fluffy Brush for Hard Floors, which is laser-lit so you can see dirt you didn’t even know was there.

Dyson V15 detection

My opinion on Dyson V15 Detect

“magic” laser

Difference between without and with brush laser slim fluffy The purpose of the V15 is to know if it really cleans a particular stain. This laser indicates that your home was not as clean as you thought.

The green ray can be turned on or off on the brush itself and when used on hard floors you can basically see even the smallest particles. Are you vacuuming in as little light as possible? Well, that’s what I started doing in the department where I could get the best results with this laser. This is because the less external light, the better the effect of the laser.

Dyson V15 Detect – Laser Slim Fluffy Demo

This works especially well under tall furniture. Usually this dirt has very little light to focus and see, so this laser makes a big difference in the end.

It’s fair to say that the vacuum cleaner’s name “Detect” was also chosen for this laser. Because it makes it much easier to “detect” and vacuum dirt that you can’t see with the naked eye. Cleaning freaks will love this brush. And a not-so-crazy person like me appreciates its existence because it changed my perception of aspirations.

The most powerful upright vacuum we’ve ever tested

With 240 AW suction power, this is the most powerful cordless upright vacuum I’ve ever owned. It doesn’t feel like anything is missing or power is left halfway through, and it’s a big upgrade in power (and intelligence) compared to the brand’s previous model.

Dyson V15 detection

A standard brush with excellent suction power on any floor surface. This should be used primarily for carpet vacuuming. But if you want to use it on hard floors as well, it does a good job.

The good thing about using this standard brush in your vacuum is that you don’t have to worry about replacing it and can move from hard floors to carpets without any problems. It has tabs that can be adjusted for height. However, on hard floors it is ideal to use a laser brush as it is softer and less likely to scratch the floor.

The third is an electric mini brush, which makes a big difference on long hair and animal fur. This brush prevents bristles from getting tangled. This is especially important when vacuuming areas with a lot of pet hair loss, such as sofas, carpets, and even car seats.

Dyson V15 detection

Corner units help clean hard-to-reach areas, and accessories for small areas are useful. It comes with small brushes that you can collect and use for more precise cleaning around your home or car. My only disappointment is that this version does not include a corner unit with LED lighting that definitely boosts this aspiration stage.

a wiser desire

The vacuum cleaner’s body immediately reminds us of its predecessor, the V11, but now comes with a few improvements. Thanks to a piezo sensor, it measures particle size 15,000 times per second and automatically adjusts suction power for high dust concentrations.

It is also this sensor that, in automatic mode, allows the V15 Detect to adapt the suction power to the level of dirt to optimize the battery. Then you can see the details of the amount of particles aspirated on the screen.

Dyson V15 detection

The V15 Detect features an advanced 5-layer filtration technology that captures 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns and expels only clean air. Cyclone technology separates dust and dirt, creating a complete seal that prevents dust from returning to the air.

These are details that most consumers may not be interested in. But perhaps the most cleaning enthusiasts will definitely be interested. This screen also shows an indication of estimated battery time and current mode, which can be changed using the buttons below.

Sufficient and intelligent autonomy

Speaking of autonomy, when you pick up the vacuum you have Eco, Normal and Boost modes. And of course, depending on which mode you use, the advertised hour of autonomy will vary. When used in normal mode, it activates intelligent mode that operates according to the condition of the floor.

Dyson V15 Detect – Automatic Suction Adjustment Demo

This means the vacuum will use more or less suction power as needed. It’s smart usage and you can easily enjoy 45-60 minutes of battery life with the V15 Detect.

The battery is removable, so if you live in a larger home, it might make sense to buy a second unit. For the T2 apartment, I think one battery is enough. It takes about 4.5 hours to charge.

Dyson V15 detection

Simple, no-touch maintenance

A very interesting detail is that in theory you don’t have to touch the trash to remove it from the vacuum cleaner tank. It has a lever that opens the deposit slot, so you can easily put trash in the trash can.

Of course, this is the ideal scenario on a normal day. However, dirt is constantly accumulating inside, so regular cleaning is necessary to keep the vacuum cleaner functioning properly in the medium to long term. The filter is washable and can be easily removed and replaced. So does the Laser Slim Fluffy Brush.

dyson v15 detection

Conclusion on the Dyson V15 Detect

I have a lot to say about the Dyson V15 Detect, but it all boils down to one thing. Best upright vacuum cleaner you can buy in this segment. It’s just a vacuum cleaner’s dream.

The big difference lies in the technology used, which allows Suction power up to 240AW need for cleaning. This allows for more effective suction while maintaining autonomy.

Another highlight is the Laser Slim Fluffy brush. This literally makes you want to vacuum when the lights are off or the blinds are down. Because you can see all the dirt particles in detail.

Dyson V15 detection

The most cleaning geeks will love it, but less geeks will be baffled by dirt they didn’t know was in their home. And what about suction power? The shine is amazing on both hard and soft floors.

And for those who have petThere are two brushes specifically for long and hard-to-vacuum hair.? Whether you have a lot of hair loss or have a dog or cat at home, this is the perfect upright vacuum for the job.

Those most interested can see the scientific cleaning data in detail on the screen of the vacuum cleaner, where they can also see the remaining estimated autonomy. and, About 1 hour of autonomy In automatic mode, I found it to be very good for my needs. But of course, users living in larger homes may need to purchase a second battery and replace the removable battery along the way.

The maintenance process is very easy, your choice of filter or Fluffy is washable, and the rest of the brushes can be removed for cleaning. A lever is used to empty the tank so you don’t have to touch the trash every day.

dyson v15 detection

Not everything is perfect, so I’d like you to launch the vacuum in a “break” scenario. However, considering that it comes with a base, simply mounting it on the wall eliminates that problem.

Additionally, it would be interesting to have the possibility to create a lever from scratch so that you don’t have to hold down the power button all the time during operation. This can be solved by buying a small 3rd party lever, but I would like it to be native.

And, of course, we must also talk about the price. This is an expensive vacuum cleaner as it starts at €699. Not all wallets are the same, but you should consider the real value you give to this wallet. it’s just a premium product.

Dyson V15 detection

Suction power: 240AW
motor: Dyson HyperDymium up to 125,000 rpm
autonomy: Maximum 60 minutes
weight: 3kg
deposit size: 0.76L

ever since €699 and Dyson

The price is expensive, but the quality of cleaning the house is also high. You can definitely save time with this vacuum cleaner.you will be able to vacuum your home faster and more efficiently.

I highly recommend purchasing this product and it is already on my wish list. The best compliment is that it makes me want to vacuum more than ever before, and I’m satisfied with the fact that the laser can detect dirt that I couldn’t see.

dyson v15

Dyson V15 Detect strengths

Improvements from Dyson V15 Detect

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