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Samsung is about to announce a ChatGPT alternative

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A report from South Korea covers Samsung’s efforts to develop new artificial intelligence tools. No name has been assigned yet, but this will be another competitor to the popular ChatGPT.

This isn’t the first time a South Korean tech company has been said to be developing its own AI tools. However, everything indicates that the company has rushed its plans and plans to launch the product at the end of July.

Samsung may announce ChatGPT rival at the end of July

Samsung Research is responsible for the project, according to the report released today. This division of the South Korean company plans to invest a wide range of technical and human resources into the project to accelerate its development.

By the way, access to the company’s GPU resources by other departments is also restricted. This is because the graphics component is very important in the process of training artificial intelligence tools, and the allocation of this resource shows how urgent this project is.

And in May last year, rumors circulated that Samsung was developing an AI tool. Some time ago, it was said that such a project would be developed in partnership with Naver, but it never materialized.

The report showing the tool’s launch in June did not mention any partnerships. Apparently, Samsung’s chiefs decided to go it alone in this dispute.

Samsung AI is used internally

The report in question also says Samsung’s AI will only be used internally, at least in the early stages. Your role is to help drive the company’s various business processes.

The company wants to deploy this type of tool to speed up the software development process, document summarization, translation and other internal processes. She believes that “AI can significantly reduce the time required for software development and semiconductor design.”

Samsung gave its semiconductor division employees access to ChatGPT to speed up operations. But the OpenAI tool ended up releasing confidential documents publicly, and Samsung pulled out.

That’s why Samsung doesn’t want to use external tools to help its own business processes. In fact, there is an urgent need to develop AI that can support the work of corporate engineers.

With the Unpacked event scheduled for the end of July, this could be the stage the technology chooses to unveil its AI. Let’s see if it comes true.

Source: 4G News

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