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Netflix ‘kicks its toes’ as it ends account sharing

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2023 has started to get controversial for Netflix. After months of testing, the world’s most popular streaming platform has started restricting account sharing. And Portugal was one of the first countries “affected” by this measure.

Soon social networks were flooded with users canceling their accounts on the platform. But if you look at the numbers, Netflix isn’t losing subscribers these days, it’s gaining more.

Netflix gained more subscribers than lost due to the end of account sharing in the US

Data shared by Antenna analysts this Friday showed that Netflix’s new subscriber numbers increased significantly each day in the first few days after it changed its password-sharing policy in the United States.

New on the Antenna Blog: A first look at the impact of Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown. In his first six days after introducing the new policy, Netflix had its highest U.S. user acquisition in his four-day period in the four-and-a-half years Antenna has measured streaming services. pic.twitter.com/rDYGxR43Qm

— Antenna (@AntennaData) June 9, 2023

To figure out the ratio, antenna analysts have been making these measurements for four and a half years. And in the first six days after the new policy went into effect, Netflix had four days with the most subscribers during this period.

Netflix gains more subscribers than during pandemic stay-at-home period

These numbers surpass the first curfew during the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, Netflix also saw an increase in unsubscribers after the new policy. However, that figure could not outpace the number of new subscribers.

Since May 23, when the measure was announced, the rate of new contracts and surrenders compared to the past 60 days was 25.6%. This shows that, at least for now, the move went as Netflix expected.

As we noted in our analysis, Netflix cancellations also increased between May 23rd and May 28th, but not as much as subscriptions. The sign-up and cancellation rate since May 23 increased by +25.6% compared to the previous 60 days. Full text here: https://t.co/2CNU67kQST

— Antenna (@AntennaData) June 9, 2023

Netflix says more than 100 million households share accounts with other users. But at least in the US, the end of the adage that “love is sharing passwords” worked. Is it the same for Portugal?

Source: 4G News

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