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Mark Zuckerberg Opinions About Apple Vision Pro

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This week’s tech reveal was Apple’s first virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro. As a rival in this space, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to voice his opinion on this new rival.

Earlier this month, Meta announced the Quest 3 as a new offering in the virtual reality segment. But Zuckerberg didn’t shy away from saying in meetings with his employees that Apple hasn’t found a “silver bullet” when it comes to new products.

Mark Zuckerberg says Apple Vision Pro won’t offer a ‘magic solution’

The executive also argues that Apple doesn’t bring anything new with its products to the “physics” Meta has already worked in the field. And while he praises the use of a high-definition screen, it comes with a wired battery and costs seven times the price of the Quest 3.

To understand the difference, Meta’s Quest 3 launches for $499. The Apple Vision Pro will be available in 2024 for $3,499. For Zuckerberg, it’s all about the vision and values ​​of both companies.

apple vision pro

The executive said Meta’s goal is to offer a more social experience than Apple. “It’s about people interacting in new ways and feeling close in new ways,” she says.

Apple shows “a person sitting alone on a sofa” and criticizes executives. Mark Zuckerberg finally admits that Apple’s vision could be “the vision of the future of computing.” But that’s not what management believes.

And which one do you like best? Do you prefer the Meta Quest 3 or the Apple Vision Pro? What makes the biggest difference in your daily life?

Source: 4G News

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