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watchOS 10 is the update you’ve been waiting for for your Apple Watch

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Let’s be honest, the Apple Watch is probably one of Apple’s most boring products. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I consider this the best smartwatch in the world, it has a long way to go, but the evolution of software in recent years has been gradual.

With watchOS 10 announced during the last WWDC, Apple has decided to shake things up with that rough number and release what will be the biggest update since the wearable’s early days. I strongly believe this will revolutionize how we use our Apple Watch.

“watchOS 10 is a major milestone, an energetic new take on the Apple Watch, with a new design to quickly display information, a beautiful new watch face, new features for cyclists and mountaineers, and important health tools. ,” he said.

A new design and navigation language comes to watchOS 10

The great watchOS revolution comes with a new design and navigation language. Basically Apple redesigned the interface as you can see below. Better Digital Crown navigation lets you see more information using widgets in core apps, which Apple calls the Smart Stack.

apple watch

At the start of the day, you can check the time and see if you’ve moved the tickets in your wallet. Calendars and tasks are also displayed close to your eyes. This is now available for third parties. For example, it can be very interesting to track the results of football games.

Plus, Control Center is now accessible via the side button, allowing you to open Control Center in any app at any time. Double-click the Digital Crown to return to recently used apps.

Cyclists will love watchOS 10

As always, new watch faces are coming. But the other big news is for cyclists. When you start cycling on your Apple Watch, it will appear as a live activity on your iPhone with all your data including the new Cycling Speed ​​view. You can also connect your Apple Watch to cycling accessories via Bluetooth to get more metrics.


watchOS 10 coming to all models from Series 4 onwards

NameDrop is now available on the Apple Watch, allowing you to share contact information by touching your Apple Watch to someone’s iPhone. The best part is that this news comes to all models from Series 4 onwards.

For now, only a developer beta is available, but in July you’ll be able to try the open beta at beta.apple.com. Those who want to wait for the stable release will have to wait until the fall. I’m not sure I can wait that long to experience this wearable revolution.

Source: 4G News

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