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Viva Tech, the 2023 edition dedicated to artificial intelligence, with guest Elon Musk

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We went to one of Europe’s biggest tech and startup events, June 14-17 in Paris, to talk to some of the international innovators who are revolutionizing our everyday lives, from mobility to healthcare or beauty

There are those who will remember Viva Tech 2023 for the 4,000 people who sat and listened to Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and many more, stop by the show to do an hour-long interview about his vision for the world. There has been clear talk of artificial intelligence, of which he was one of the founders, but which today takes a tone that pays much more attention to the risks of this technology, which “needs regulation, otherwise it threatens to become unmanageable”. , he says. An intervention that perfectly matches what can be seen within the event.

AI applied to robotics

In fact, artificial intelligence is “the theme” of this seventh edition, while the previous one was devoted to the Metaverse. There are companies that use AI to update existing technologies, such as the humanoid robot Pepper from United Robotics Groups. Updated with ChatGPT, the robot can get an identity and can communicate accordingly. For example, at Viva Tech, the model on display reacted and behaved as if he were an employee of the company responsible for giving directions to the public. But this update also offers the robot many new functions, which are used in the hospitality industry and healthcare. Like, for example, in Italian retirement homes, where some models are used to interact with guests with physical and brain exercises.

AI applied to beauty

Another sector that exploits artificial intelligence on a large scale is that of Beauty Tech. For years, L’Oréal has been developing new technologies that have made digital makeup a reality that can change everyday habits. In the salon we can try the La Roche-Posay Spot Scan, which allows us to scan the skin in seconds in search of the most appropriate treatment, to create our avatar on which to experiment with make-up that can be recreated in the real world and to see how you can participate in a call on Teams without having to wear makeup anymore, thanks to digital makeup. It also explains how Hapta by Lancôme works, a mechanical arm that allows people with limited mobility to apply make-up accurately and effortlessly. “Many problems today stem from artificial intelligence, which allows us to merge the physical and digital and offer services that improve the beauty outcome. A very exciting thing,” said Guive Balooch, Global Managing Director Augmented Beauty and Open Innovation at L’Oréal.

The AI ​​to build

Then there are companies that don’t yet have the in-house skills to leverage artificial intelligence. In fact, suitable professional profiles are scarce and can be very expensive. To answer this question, specialized consultancy companies were born, such as Easy AI, which we meet at Viva Tech and which tells us that it has already collaborated with many sectors, including the public, for the development of water infrastructures in Germany or the energy . But the potential is endless: they also partner with companies that use AI to maximize book distribution.

Meta and “the other world”

Beyond the drones-helicopter-taxis and the cars of the future, in another corner of the hall, Meta has finally set up its own space this year focused on the metaverse. There are virtual offices, sports fields to train and have fun with visors and handles. The line to test this alternate world is long. When we think about the launch of the Apple Vision Pro just a few weeks earlier, this kind of reality seems less “distant” than in the previous edition of Viva Tech. Who knows, we might already be living there in 2024.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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