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Pirelli: the development of tires for electric cars continues

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Pirelli continues research and development in the premium and luxury electric car tire sector. At the Monaco Motor Show, the Italian company demonstrated its progress by equipping almost 25% of fully electric cars (BEV) and even 30% of plug-in hybrids with its own products from different lines. What these tires have in common is the ‘Elect’ marking, a badge that highlights the construction specifically designed to meet the needs of electric cars. Since its launch in 2019, Elect technology has achieved more than 300 approvals, representing specific versions of tires adapted to different types of electric vehicles. This explosive growth is very evident: in the first half of 2023, new approvals have more than doubled compared to the same period of the previous year, testifying to Pirelli’s broad presence in the world of electric mobility.

The record

Piero Misani, Senior Vice President Research and Development and Head of Cyber ​​Security at Pirelli, said: “Our record in the electric mobility sector is a testament to the exceptional innovation that characterizes our research and development. Pirelli is the only manufacturer that has a transversal technology specifically aimed at electric cars and applicable to all our tire lines. This choice gives us unparalleled versatility, allowing us to offer custom-designed tires to car manufacturers, which can be perfectly integrated with the specifications of each vehicle. Demand for specific covers for electric and plug-in hybrids is growing at a rapid pace, and the arrival of the new P Zero E will ensure a further acceleration of Elect approvals.”

Committed to electrified

The Pirelli Elect technology package has been developed with the aim of highlighting the distinctive features of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. These vehicles have special needs, which makes the choice of tires an aspect of no secondary importance (also to optimize autonomy). Elect tires are designed to support the heavy weight of these vehicles and handle the instantaneous torque of the electric motors. Thanks to the structure and advanced materials used in production, these tires guarantee reactive response and greater durability over time. In addition, because electric motors are very quiet, Elect tires are designed to ensure maximum acoustic comfort while driving, reducing the perceived noise in the passenger compartment by up to 20%.

High performance for zero-emission cars

Among the new features is the launch of the new Pirelli P Zero E, a high-performance tire specially designed for electric cars. This product is the first to contain more than 55% natural or recycled materials, a feature certified by the independent certification body Bureau Veritas. In addition, the Pirelli P Zero E is the only UHP (ultra high performance) tire on the market to have been awarded triple class A across its entire range.

Source: Corriere

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