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Google reveals the origin of this surprising feature on Google Pixel

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The research giant has revealed the creative process that led to one of the most distinctive features of Google Pixel smartphones. Appears on your phone starting with Pixel 6. ”camera bar” characteristics that make them instantly recognizable.

The camera bar highlights probably the best feature of these phones outside of pure Android, which in this case is photography performance. Additionally, it makes it easier for consumers to recognize their mobile devices.

“Typical Pixel Look” was created by Google in 2021

It was precisely with the launch of the Google Pixel 6 smartphone in October 2021 that the head of the Mountain View giant decided to re-formulate the entire look of the phone. result? The symbolic line where the camera is placed.

Just a nickname camera bar As with Barra das Câmaras, the creative process was not at all simple, easy, or quick. This revelation comes from the company itself through a recent publication in their respective magazines. blog Official with great details.

First, Google mentioned the challenge of accommodating new larger camera modules. How this component is integrated, as well as the sensors and optical modules used in smartphones, results in an increase in the overall size of the phone, especially its thickness.

“Camera bar” was created to house Google Pixel’s biggest assets

google pixel
Camera bar on Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and Pixel Fold models.

The explanation is provided by Sangsoo Park, one of the designers responsible for creating the overall look of the Pixel 6 generation.

“Some of you may still remember the Pixel 5, where all the sensors were packed into a small square. So when we found out the camera was going to be significantly improved, we decided to do something… We wanted to do something different. We didn’t want the phone to be big.” And we wanted to celebrate that look in some way while keeping all of its content and aerodynamics. . ”

Once the camera bar was born and the new module design was ready, the next step was to physically maintain the entire mobile device.

Putting all the pieces together is Google Pixel’s biggest challenge

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This process of “putting all the parts together” was also a major challenge. Pixel Products His manager Stephanie Scott explains that assembling the phone wasn’t easy at all because of “hidden limitations.”

“Some of our engineers likened the layout of the phone to Tetris. Finding the ideal location for each piece was a challenge. The design and concept are so interdependent. For example, the main camera and ultra-wide camera couldn’t be placed anywhere. For portrait mode to be enabled and work properly, the cameras had to be placed next to each other. In the end, several teams worked together and performed different types of manufacturing to bring the camera to life.

Popular opinion: The design of the Google Pixel 6 Pro is better than both the Pixel 7 and 8 Pro. Featuring Google’s classic dual-tone finish, the camera display looks more seamless and clean ???? pic.twitter.com/LKZBGkuLxS

— Shishir Shelke1 (@ShishirShelke1) September 10, 2023

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