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Did Microsoft try to buy Nintendo?The truth behind the rumors

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Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s CEO of games and Xbox, has expressed interest in acquiring Nintendo, one of the most iconic companies in the video game world. This was not a direct statement, but rather part of a leak from emails dating back to 2020.

At the time, Spencer said the acquisition of the Japanese entertainment giant was a “career milestone” and would be a “good decision for both companies.” The aforementioned electronic messages came to light as part of a series of documents discovered during a lawsuit involving Microsoft.

Microsoft believes it would be the perfect US company to buy Nintendo

In these emails, Spencer speaks with two of the company’s top marketing executives and details how Nintendo is a “core asset” to Microsoft’s gaming industry. The executive said he had several discussions with Nintendo executives about a closer working relationship, and that if any U.S. company had a chance of signing a deal with Nintendo, it would be Microsoft. .

The email was in response to a message from executive Tsuyoshi Numamoto, who questioned why the company wasn’t considering acquisition targets like Nintendo to “increase consumer exposure and relevance.” Ta. At the time, Microsoft was in talks to acquire TikTok, and Numamoto didn’t think it was the best deal for the company.

Acquiring Tiktok was also a hypothesis.

Phil Spencer also revealed that Microsoft’s management has seen a full report on Nintendo and Valve and has made it clear that they are fully in favor of an acquisition if the opportunity arises. In the same document, he shared that Microsoft is in “very active M&A discussions” with other companies, including ZeniMax Media and Warner Bros. Interactive. As for the agreement with ZeniMax, it was actually announced a month later. Negotiations with Warner did not materialize.

These revelations are coupled with other information that suggests Microsoft is considering acquiring other studios, including Bungie, which is currently owned by Sony, Sega, or Square Enix. Considering Nintendo’s heritage, this would be a historic acquisition if it were to go through. This leak reveals that the Nintendo Switch 2 may have similar performance to the PlayStation 4.

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