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This decision makes the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera poor

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There are new rumors from reliable sources reporting that there will be changes to the camera of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that may not please Korean fans. The problem is that the periscope sensor as we know it today has disappeared.

This means that the next top product in the Android series from the South Korean tech company will lose a lens capable of delivering 10x optical zoom. The reason for this is unclear, but there is a strong belief that this decision will be irreversible.

Telephoto solution for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: 3x 10MP + 5x 50MP 1/2.52″ 0.7μm The hardware specifications are weaker than Xiaomi 13 Ultra, 50MP 1/2.52″ 0.7μm for both 3x and 5x. I know it’s hard I also accept but this is the truth. ????You can also place your iPhone 15…

— Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) September 19, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra does away with 10x optical zoom lens

This information is provided by the famous Ice Universe through the social network X. Considering the telephoto solution of the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, the absence of a 10x zoom lens stands out.

The source of this data expresses sadness at the decision made by Samsung’s chief executives, but even if it is unacceptable to Samsung itself or its supporters, this is the reality of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It is emphasized that.

That said, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera would benefit from some improvements in photo composition. Therefore, it will be equipped with a new sensor with 50 MP resolution that can offer 5x optical zoom.

Additionally, it will have the usual 10 MP sensor and 3x optical zoom. This should be the same sensor that South Korea used in the last generation of Galaxy S Ultra models.

Although the optical range of the telephoto sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been reduced, it is expected to improve the quality of images taken. This is due to the presence of a new 50 MP sensor with a size of 1/2.52 inches and 0.7μm pixels.

It is important to add the fact that the main sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is still 200 MP. But we are faced with a new generation of this sensor (HP2SX) with a size of 1/1.3 inches, with aggregation technology of up to 16 pixels in one.

Ice Universe concludes the publication in an ironic way by touching on the competition between iPhone and Samsung smartphones. ○ leaker suggests that those disappointed with these data can order a new iPhone 15.

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