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Xiaomi electric car captured on video on highway

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Xiaomi’s first electric car was spotted on the highway. This SU7 sighting immediately sparked a wave of speculation and surprise. In the video shared by the influencer, the vehicle appears to be covered in camouflage. Scheduled to be released in 2024, this prototype is in action and offers a glimpse of what Xiaomi has in store for the automotive market.

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The top speed of Xiaomi SU7 will be 265 km/h

Even if it looks disguised, the elegance of the SU7’s design is striking. Beneath this camouflage lies a powerful machine with a 220 kW engine and rear-wheel drive option. This version can reach a top speed of 210 km/h. In addition, the more advanced models with all-wheel drive will be equipped with two engines with a total of 495 kW, giving a maximum speed of 265 km / h.

Xiaomi SU7 doesn’t skimp on technical specifications. Equipped with a BYD LFP battery and weighing 1,980 kg for the basic model, it is positioned as a strong competitor in the electric market. The all-wheel drive version features a CATL NMC ternary battery and a weight of 2,205 kg, complemented by an active rear wing, raising the bar even further.

SU7’s dimensions are comparable to Tesla Model S. The dimensions are 4,997 mm x 1,963 mm x 1,455 mm and the wheelbase is 3,000 mm. This long-awaited vehicle is expected to be launched on the market in the first quarter of next year and will cost around 39,100 euros.

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