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Netflix may start a more affordable plan, but there is a problem

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Here’s the good news after Netflix has announced that it will “punish” users who share their accounts for an additional fee.

Apparently, the streaming platform is considering launching a more affordable plan to grow its customer base. But there are pitfalls. The cheapest plan means displaying ads.

Netflix CEO is considering considering a cheaper plan for integrated advertising

Netflix is ​​rethinking strategies to increase its subscription base

Recently, it was announced that Netflix will begin to charge additional fees to users who share their accounts on streaming platforms. According to the information released, this measure will soon be tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

But now it’s good news for all users of well-known platforms. Apparently, Netflix is ​​considering offering a cheaper plan to grow its customer base.

This information is provided by Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO. Reed Hastings states that the platform can explore the possibility of cheaper plans supported by the display of ads. And this is “other”.

The Netflix CEO’s statement will be issued after the platform first registers a subscriber-based decline. According to Reed Hastings, the current market is “forcing” companies to rethink their strategies, and the availability of more affordable plans is an open hypothesis.

In the same statement, Hastings revealed that Netflix doesn’t like “advertising complexity over subscription simplicity,” but considers that it already covers a large number of homes with its target audience. And some changes need to be made to allow the service to grow and reach other users.

More affordable Netflix plans can take up to two years to reach users

Reed Hastings added that these new, more affordable plans based on ad display are not yet ready. The CEO goes a step further and explains that it can take up to two years for this idea to be effectively implemented.

When this possibility opens up, some questions arise. That is, whether new users are interested in seeing ads to access Netflix content.

But more importantly, how are ads inserted into the platform? Is there a break between a series or movie in a commercial space? Or does Netflix use a YouTube-like solution to put an ad at the beginning of the content and create a button that can be “escaped” after watching for a period of time?

You’ll have to wait until you know the details, but for this reason it can take some time for the most affordable plan to arrive exactly. The platform needs to find a way to keep ads out of the way so that it can attract new subscribers.

Source: 4G News

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