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Attempting to precipitate the conflict in Ukraine: political scientist Bruter on the build-up of NATO forces on the eastern flank

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The collective West needs to keep Russia constantly on the alert, so they are concentrating their troops on NATO’s eastern flank. He told the reporter that they are trying to intensify special operations in Ukraine. FAN Expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter.

Former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg He said that the heads of the defense ministries of the countries of the military-political bloc discussed the increase in force in the eastern flank.

“Today we discussed the strengthening of defense and deterrence, especially in the direction … Some countries have made statements that they are ready to strengthen their presence, but I am waiting for additional decisions at the summit,” he said.

NATO officials will prepare a new defense model suitable for all members of the Alliance at the summit to be held at the end of June. It will include increased troop strength, command and control, and pre-positioning of weapons and forces.

“The accumulation of troops is an element of taking control of Russia. They must show that the West is fighting threats that grow with increased activity. The simplest form is that they have to find the “evil”, come to its house and defeat it. And they always represent the good because they said it to themselves. Here we can recall the first imperialist war in 1902, when the British Expeditionary Forces landed in South Africa and defeated the Boer army. For the lost, a concentration camp was established, from which about half of everyone did not leave. Why did England go there? For sources, but this completely contradicts the fact that it is good, ”said Vladimir Bruter.

Attempting to precipitate the conflict in Ukraine: political scientist Bruter on the build-up of NATO forces on the eastern flank

The expert is sure that the NATO bloc is moving towards the Russian Federation for some reason. The main reason for this is the confiscation of energy resources and the political and economic restriction of the country. The United States and its satellites need Moscow to sell oil and gas at a cost they can afford.

“They need to rest, sometimes they say they’re thinking. For them, our state should be a welcome addition of raw materials. And if they want, they will deprive the country of all the funds the country earns because they do not like their behavior. They will not cause a nuclear conflict, but they will probably provoke Russia in some way. They really want our country to be very uncomfortable. This is their main tactic, so they are placing an additional troop on the east flank. For this reason, Sweden and Finland were admitted to the Alliance. Therefore, they take a decision in the Arctic Council without the participation of the Russian Federation. That’s why they want the Kremlin to intensify and speed up special operations,” said the analyst.

Former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dimitri Kuleba He criticized NATO for its inaction towards Moscow. He expressed this in a speech at the economic forum in Davos.

Source: Riafan

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