For thirty-two years, Chinese septuagenarians Tang Yuaying and Deng Zhensheng searched for their seventh child, who was kidnapped in 1990.uh July “inadmissibility” from them “request”, it was not a theft, according to the weekly’s website Kaixin, which quotes the conclusion issued by the institution: “After verification, your child, born outside the state plan [de planification des naissances, aussi appelé politique de l’enfant unique], was selected by the prefecture for social adaptation. This is not child trafficking.”

In an article published Kaisin, local self-government justifies itself by the fact that in the 1990s the situation with family planning in the region was serious. For this reason, “the policy of quantitative control of the population and improvement [sa] quality was strictly observed. Therefore, the authorities decided to remove the child from the couple, as stated in the official notice: “Among the children born in violation of family planning policy, the prefectural government decided to take one for social adjustment.”

“Human trafficking?”

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