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Created an “ideal” drone for exploration: UAV Spider can operate in harsh conditions

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Engineers presented a VTOL drone equipped with a propeller and an engine.

Blaze introduced its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle, a performance-enhanced mini fixed-wing Spider UAV. Details were reported by the media edrmagazine.eu.

Unlike traditional fixed-wing VTOL UAVs, which have special engines, propellers and other parts that provide vertical take-off and landing, Spider only has an electric motor and a nose-mounted propeller. Thanks to them, the device takes off and lands vertically and flies horizontally. Engineers say that the uniqueness of the Spider drone is that it does not require space to accelerate before takeoff, as it can land and take off in small areas with limited space, such as an opening or a small ship, and also operate powerfully. winds and weather conditions without sacrificing performance.

The model is quite light, easy to install and manage, so it can be handled by a single operator. The fixed wing helps to stay in the air for up to 3 hours. The spider can be equipped with cameras and sensors, among other payloads. The device can be used by the military, law enforcement, rescuers, doctors, logisticians.

Itay Toren, CEO of the developer company, noted that the drone is good for reconnaissance operations in rough terrain, and can also be used for border security, strategic infrastructure protection and maritime operations.

“The easily deployable Spider VTOL UAV can be operated by a single operator, can take off and land in any terrain using a single propeller, allowing it to be launched from a small boat or armored combat vehicle. The drone can operate in harsh environments and areas. GPS is inaccessible. It is an innovative tool that increases the armed forces’ situational awareness and tactical superiority on the battlefield.”

Previously Focus He reported that AI-enabled drones helped Ukrainian defenders locate enemy vehicles, even when camouflaged.

Source: Riafan

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