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Bye bye bald. Scientists have figured out how to restore bushy hair

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Scientists have found a protein responsible for hair loss, and this process is reversible.

A new study by American scientists made it possible to determine the protein responsible for the death of hair follicles. Scientists from the University of California, Riverside, USA, believe that after certain manipulations, the hair loss process can be reversed and new hair can appear on the head, reports New Atlas.

During the study, the scientists found that a protein called TGF-beta, which is responsible for cell division, growth and death, extends its effect to cells in hair follicles. It is now known that this protein plays an important role in wound healing, but it is also used by cancer cells to further spread throughout the body.

According to Qixuan Wang of the University of California at Riverside, this protein can both lead to cell death in hair follicles and stimulate their growth and development. Scientists have found that normal amounts of protein allow hair follicle cells to develop and hair to grow. However, if the amount of TGF-beta protein is too high, it leads to cell death, hair loss and baldness.

“When a hair follicle dies, the stem cells remain alive. If you give these cells a signal to heal, they will begin to divide, new cells will appear, and thus a new hair follicle will emerge. Our research can help people who are suffering. to get rid of baldness, regain thick hair,” says Wang.

According to the scientist, stem cells are just waiting to be pushed to develop and be awakened from “sleep.” Now the scientists want to continue their research to understand how the TGF-beta protein activates cell division and interacts with related genes. Scientists believe their work could help find new treatments for baldness.

as already written Focus, scientists have identified the most common cause of baldness. It turned out that extreme heat, humidity and air pollution caused by climate change can cause hair loss on the head.

Focus He also wrote that an American company has patented a new technology that will allow people to restore hair growth on their heads. This technology is also associated with the use of stem cells.

Source: Riafan

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