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“You can’t dig from the R18”: the expert named the main advantages of the Ukrainian aircraft (video)

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A year ago the Russians called this UAV “handcrafted”, but now they are afraid. The R18 is doing a lot of damage to the RF Armed Forces thanks to skilled operators.

The Ukrainian-made R18 drone effectively destroys Russian military equipment, even when buried in the ground. Vadim, the representative of the Aerorazvedka public organization, talked about the main advantages of the device; The video was posted on the official Facebook page.

Drone R18 is an octocopter, that is, a multi-rotor aircraft. It is equipped with 8 engines that allow you to quickly move through the air and lift heavy ammunition. According to the expert, this design allows vertical take-off and landing of the attack aircraft, as well as hovering over the enemy.

One member said, “This is very cool, because that way we can hit buried equipment. Here they come, they think they’re safe, and we see them from the air and we can destroy them.” aerorazvedka

He added that a year ago the Russians mocked the R18 and called it “handcrafted”, and now they are hurting a lot because of it. Now the fighter jet effectively destroyed a large amount of equipment of the RF Armed Forces, and therefore the attacker changed his mind and considered it “highly professional”.

“The second advantage is people using drones. I have great respect for all the people who do this, all the pilots, because they put themselves at risk, they find targets and they destroy Russian equipment,” said Vadim.

Ukrainian engineers from Aerorazvedka independently assemble the R18 strike UAV from domestic and foreign parts, the cost of each is about $ 20,000. Detailed specifications of the R18 from an altitude of up to 300 m have not been disclosed, but it is known that it can operate at a distance of up to 4 km from the operator and spend about 40 minutes in the air.

Earlier, the Ukrainian army showed how the fighter jet R18 crashed into the tank of the Russian Armed Forces. Before dropping a real bomb, the operator was “shot” with special circulating shells.

Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received an H10 Poseidon II reconnaissance aircraft for 300,000 euros. One of the main advantages of the “Bird” is high-quality cameras with 40x zoom, which should help Ukrainian soldiers to carry out a counterattack.

They also wrote about the most popular commercial drones using the APU. Due to the scarcity and high cost of military models, Ukrainian engineers remake civilian ones and, despite the risk, bring them into battle with the enemy.

Source: Riafan

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