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It’s time for big things. astrology of the day August 15, 2022

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“And whatever happens to us tomorrow, we are in reserve today and now” – the wisdom of the day.

Creative people are born today. Astrologers have made a good prediction for August 15, 2022. The day promises to be busy. You can go on a diet. Beware of enmity and scandals. Be proactive. It is desirable to pay off debts.

Monday: 19th lunar day according to the calendar

Today is the two hundred and twenty-seventh day of the year and the seventy-sixth day of summer 2022. What a person does not undertake, everything turns out – both mental and physical work. A lot of energy, which must be used both for creation and for self-development and destruction – it depends on the qualities of a particular person. You have to be very careful about new ideas.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE DAY: “Whatever happens to us tomorrow, we are in reserve today and now.”

SYMBOL: spider.

STONES: chrysolite, green garnet, uvarovite, red onyx, labradorite, olivine.

BODY AREA: belly.

NUMEROLOGY TIP: Now is the time to do big things, so make the most of it and use the extraordinary burst of energy, for example by starting something you’ve been putting off for a long time. Focus on issues that require additional attention.

TABOO AND SIGNS: You can’t fight and work out things, because that will cause unnecessary flare-ups and confuse people. It is undesirable to marry on this day. On this day, vegetarian food should be consumed preferably without bread and milk. It is good if the products have a round shape. Be sure to clean the intestines. Insect bites these days can be dangerous.

DREAMS: Events seen in a dream can carry important information about the future. They are often prophets. The main thing is to decipher them correctly. Dirty water is the dream of those who work hard and are very tired. You need to rest.

MATTER OF THE DAY: “A man decided to change the world. But the world is too big and he is too small. Then he decided to change his city. But the city is too big and he is too small. Then he is too big and he is too small. He decided to change his family. But family He is big, he has a dozen or so children. Then this man decided to change the only thing he could do… Himself.

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