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5 things you do that make the wrong first impression


So when do you know someone you care about you go to an event or a job interview, as well as in general, wherever you are, it doesn’t hurt to make a good first impression. And if you regret it, destroy it later, this is the only easy way. So it’s best not to let your body or facial expression give away how uncomfortable you are. As well as body language, unfortunately, does not lie.

There is 5 moves that show others that you don’t like something. Or in any case, they show that you are not the funniest person in the room. And that’s not the opinion you want them to have of you.

5 things you do that make the wrong first impression

1. You laugh with pursed lips.

It’s better not to laugh at all than a fake, forced smile. This shows that you are lying directly to the other person’s face. Especially when you accompany it with a compliment. “Nice bag” *fake laugh*. No.

2. Crossed arms

Crossing your arms over your chest and just standing there shows boredom, frustration and makes everyone wonder what they did wrong. Good, but useful when parting, not when meeting.

3. You don’t make eye contact with anyone.

If you are talking to someone and your eyes wander over the ceiling, walls and floor of the room, your interlocutor will most likely think that you have hidden a corpse somewhere.

4. You speak and make strong gestures.

You do not allow the interlocutor to focus on what you are saying, while showing that you are desperate for attention. Calm down.

5. Excessive posing

Whether you are standing and leaning against a wall with one arm outstretched, or sitting on a couch in a yoga position, know that everyone has seen you and expects you to be the first to cry for no reason in a few minutes. If you really intend to be the soul of the “party” – or any other gathering – you definitely have every chance of success. If you just want to talk and talk to people discreetly, this is not the way to go.

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