Jennifer Lopez went for a walk with the kids in an incredibly luxurious dress

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To go public, Lopez chose an image that distinguished her in the crowd, and for the lack of which the celebrity already suffered.

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, 53, took a walk in New York at the weekend with her 14-year-old daughter Emme and 13-year-old stepdaughter Serafina Affleck.

The trio first ate at Sadelle’s restaurant, then performed her Broadway musical “The Farther Into the Woods” in St. She was seen leaving at the James Theatre.

For debut, J. Lo dressed really luxuriously. She wore an iridescent lilac lace dress with long sleeves and an asymmetrical skirt. The image was complemented by a fake white collar and silver shoes with a massive platform and high heels, which significantly increased the growth of a celebrity. A white and gold Valentino handbag, brown sunglasses, a pair of sparkly earrings and a few finger rings completed the set.

In contrast to her famous mother’s luxurious outfit, her 14-year-old daughter Emma, ​​whom Lopez describes as a non-binary person, looked much more modest in a long-sleeved brown shirt worn over a blue and white tee. jeans, Vans sneakers, and black-rimmed round glasses.

Ben Affleck’s daughter from his marriage to Jennifer Garner Serafina was just as modest as her half-sister. She wore a blue button-up shirt tucked into bright green pants with a black floral print, rough black boots, and listened to music on her iPhone.

Earlier in the day, Lopez was spotted shopping Bergdorf Goodman with her 16-year-old second stepdaughter Violet Emme and 51-year-old sister Linda Lopez. For shopping, Jennifer donned a white baggy top and gray slim-fit shorts and finished the set with a Gucci shopping bag and large aviator sunglasses.

We wrote earlier that Lopez, who was on vacation in Capri, showed his true face without playing around with the color and the photo editor. He also showed how to combine oversized pieces effectively in summer outfits.

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