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2010 financial crisis leading to local development

Chios has changed a lot in the last 10 years. This is partly due to the economic crisis that hit the country ten years ago, as a result of which many young Chios living in Athens returned to the island and opened their own business. Their vision, their love for the island to the point where they want to highlight the rich history of Chios, has motivated many restaurant owners to create places that offer high quality products..

This, combined with the already traditional businesses that have been operating on the island for many years and located in the historical parts of the island, makes it possible to combine tradition with the modern vision of the young inhabitants of Chios. If you visit the island, you will find both. This also applies to food and drink.

Below I have selected some of my favorite places to drink and eat on the island, which, to be honest, I have an emotional attachment to. Whether it’s the owners, whose love for what they do and whose hospitality never ceases to excite me, or it’s the authenticity and history they “serve”, the following shops are, in my opinion, an integral part of Chios. And they are worth a visit, even knowing that you are helping to strengthen the authentic local Greek business.

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Geradiges Tavern (Ano Kardamila)

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One of the villages of the island, Kardamila, has one of the best traditional food taverns you will find in the northern part of Chios. The Geragides (who take their name from the legend of the Geragides, who in Kardamil were considered old (evil) fairies who lived in the caves of the upper village) offer local delicacies that will make you lick your lips. Fantastic handmade spaghetti (in Chios, women shape spaghetti with their own hands, giving the pasta a special spaghetti effect and texture), “lighter than air” grilled mastello (local cheese), crispy pumpkin meatballs and delicious suzukakia, Maria (tavern chef) will prepare you the most warming, mamady, traditional food. In a beautiful setting, in a village square with 7 plane trees, the Geragids are a must.

Oz Bay, Veranda (Agios Isidoros, Chios)

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Let me tell you about this little paradise located on the beach of Agios Isidoros, one of the most picturesque places and chapels of Chios. Brothers Dimitris and Stelios Georgoulis have created a dream place where you can eat, drink, even if you want to get married. With one of the most successful cocktail bars (in Greece, in my opinion) in the center of Chios, Oz Cocktail Bar, shoppers go to the beach in the summer. A few years ago they opened Oz Bay, a fantastic beach bar. Now they have “expanded” their vision by creating “Veranda”.an ideal place for summer holidays, and now a beach bar-restaurant and wedding venue.

In addition to the beautiful setting with swings and side rotundas, it’s worth trying the shop’s award-winning cocktails (here you’ll drink the best Negroni in Greece) as well as the amazing food that includes traditional Greek dishes with a twist (try the gnocchi bolognese and you’ll remember me). If, again, you like Asian cuisine, then you should try the Japanese menu, from delicious sushi to delicious bao bans, while enjoying the sea view.

Dining room Tortuga (Apotika beach)

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On top of a cliff, on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Apotheca, there is a dining room “Tortuga”. The place where the dining room is located is perhaps one of the most idyllic places on the island, because you have a “plate” of endless blue. With just a few tables and a few hammocks, the owners of the dining room offer the coolest place to relax and eat after a dip. The menu here is simple and perfectly oriented. It has only a few dishes, but all are successful and tasty. Don’t leave without trying the delicious lentil salad, dako with juicy raspberry tomatoes and handmade dolmadas. You will drink beer, eat meze, listen to good music while looking at the Aegean Sea.

44 Bar & Coffee (44 Aegean Street, Chios)

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In the port of the island, in one of the most central locations, you will find the best 24-hour bar. At 44 Bar & Coffee you can spend the whole day without missing a beat. Do you want a sea view? Want the perfect coffee and cocktails? Do you want delicious food and sweets? Do you want good music and beautiful design? You have everything. Ritsa Gialouri and her partner Petros Kolokitia have created the perfect place to eat and drink while you’re in the city center.

Once you visit the store, don’t leave without trying the delicious brunch options, as well as the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail (one of the many good cocktails served in the store’s beautiful wooden bar). While one of 44 Bar & Coffee’s hits is their brunch menu, I also highly recommend the American style sandwiches they serve. Cubano is something to die for.

Tavern Makelos (Pitios)

If you don’t sit and listen to the history of the island from the owner of the tavern, Nikos Georgoulis, you won’t have the unforgettable experience of Chios. The “Makelos” tavern in Pitios, located in the northeastern part of the island, is one of the most famous and one of the reasons is the food.. Whatever you try from the menu is delicious. From a “simple” rustic salad, amazing shepherd’s tarts, fantastic cherries with red sauce, grilled meats, everything is delicious. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially if you sit under the history-filled plane tree and learn about the historical events of the island from the owner.

Data: The name of the tavern has historical significance. The place where the tavern is located, with a century-old plane tree, is the place where the Turks bloodthirstyly punished the Pitians for their resistance. Pitios was the only settlement on the island that resisted the Chios massacre. From this massacre, the area of ​​Makelos was born, hence the name of the tavern. This tavern is, in a few words, an experience.

Note: If you find yourself in Pitios in the morning, do not miss the opportunity to purchase fresh leavened bread from the village bakery.

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