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3 Characteristics That Are Not Missing in True Friendship


What does true friendship mean?


It’s okay to wonder if your friendship is real. After all, our friends are the family we choose around us. According to the philosopher Jacques Derridaevery true friendship has at least these three characteristics:

1. In true friendship, you can talk about everything negative that you think about or that happens to you.

Talking about our worries and fears definitely takes courage. We are vulnerable to others because we have already found the courage to face what worries us. By allowing a guy or girl to be around you, in a “low position”, you will take your relationship much further than you realize.. If it can help you in a new personal or professional start and you know you can do the same, we can talk about true friendship.

2. In true friendship, you can talk about your future.

Discussing your future dreams, plans, decisions with your boyfriend or girlfriend and letting them express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions can demonstrate a level of trust that is not found in all friendships. Your future doesn’t necessarily include a guy or a girl. But if he participates in these conversations and shares his own plans for the future with you, then he trusts you.

3. You are free to talk about your family

Whether your friend met your family or not, being able to speak freely about your family really allows him/her to enter your world. If you both share details about your family and/or upbringing, you can learn about each other, where you came from, and what helped you become who you are today. What’s more, talking about life at home will help you and your boyfriend build a strong relationship and possibly a family bond.

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