Nothing really new under the social media sun. However, the new BeReal app claims to be the exact opposite of Instagram and its ilk. “deception”, informs the American media Wired. At the end of July, this French social network was the leader in downloads from the Apple Store in the US, ahead of TikTok. But BeReal will follow “a natural next step in the social media cycle” evaluate the name and “probably won’t work”.

Launched in 2020, the app works on a relatively simple principle. Every day, in two minutes, its users must take two photos with their phone’s external camera (for illustration purposes). “moment”) and front camera (“Reaction”) – without a filter. You had to take this duet of photos to be able to access other users’ photos, and if you don’t take the daily photo for the first time, the app tells users’ “friends” that the person has not been taken.